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Since 1980, Fountain Drinks have been providing coffee and water supplies and related services to all industries. Beginning with Fountain cartridge machines to the full range we now supply. A truly established beverage and machine provider for all the nation’s needs…

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Fountain Drinks Current News Page! – See the latest news articles from the coffee, water and vending industries and also relating to company changes, product updates and much more                                                                            
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Fountain Drinks New Archives! – See all the archives information over the years from when Fountain first settled in their new premises and had a new start on providing news to our loyal clients...                                                                            
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Fountain Drinks Mission & Vision Page! – Find out what makes Fountain so different from any other company with our mission and vision enabling us to keep focused on the goal ahead, all the time                                                                            
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Fountain Drinks History Timeline Page! – See what we’ve been doing over the years. Since 1980 Fountain have been making sure they’re offering the very best, see our timeline of progress                                                                            
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Fountain Drinks Testimonials Page! – Our loyal customers have been saying some lovely things about us so we thought we’d let everyone know just why we don’t just think we do things right, we know                                                                            
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Fountain Drinks Accreditations Page! – Over the years as we’ve grown, so has the importance of keeping up to date with legislation and making sure that we are running how we are supposed to be                                                                            
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Fountain Drinks Charity Page! – Fountain support a range of charities some of which are industry related and some aren’t such as health and education which are doing essential work for many…                                                                            
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Fountain Drinks
Oakwood House
7 Victoria Way
Burgess Hill
West Sussex
RH15 9NF

t. +44 (0)845 450 9303
f. +44 (0)845 450 9939
e. sales@fountaindrinks.co.uk


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Free Samples

At Fountain Drinks we offer no obligation machine trials and samples of many of our quality ingredients and accessories. Below is a small selection:
Image - Spice Island Logo.jpg Spice Island – All newly introduced Spice Island Products samples available
Image - Panorama Bean.jpg Coffee Beans – 250g sample bags available from our vast bean range
Image - Douwe Traditional Filter 1kg.jpg Filter Coffee – 50g sample sachets available from our vast range
Image - Lakeland Cream Pot.jpg Milk Portions – 12ml sample milk or cream pot selection from Lakeland
Image - Enjoy Ripple.jpg Paper Cups – 8oz or 12oz ripple or single wall cup samples available
Image - Mook.jpg Granulated Milk – 300g sample bag of our healthy freeze dried milk
Image - Fairtrade ChocChip Cookie.jpg Walkers Biscuits – 25g twin pack sample from the mini Walkers range
Image - Jura Impressa XJ9.jpg Machine Trials – Extensive variety of machine free trials available from stock



“We have been delighted with the efficiency of the water cooler and the consistent quality of the water over the past twelve months. The back-up support is prompt and maintains a high quality and wonderfully cold and fresh drink which has made all the staff very aware of the need to drink more water and reminds us just how good cold water tastes! It’s probably the healthiest thing we do on a daily basis!” Worldwide Airline Services Company

More Testimonials:
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